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Rubber & Gasket........
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         Ecoorganic 140 is gasket material for light – to –medium loadings in general maintenance free of aggressive chemicals.Good resistance to water, gases , oils and fuels.


         Ecosyntthetic 220 is gasket material with good mechanical and chemical properties based on aramide fibers and NBR rubber. Gasket material Ecosynthetic 220 has very good chemical resistance and good therman resistance. Material has a wide general application. It is used in gas , food and chemical industries.


         Ecoramide 250 is a high performance non-asbestos gasket material based on aramide fibres and high resistance NBR rubber. The material has excellent chemical resistance, very good mechanical and thermal different properties. Ecoaramide 250 has applications in many different industries including Food, Gas supply, Potable water and Compressors.


         Ecocarbon 300 is high grade gasket material based on carbon Fibre and NBR rubber. Material has excellent resistance to steam and strong alkaline media.It is widely used in the Chemical and Petrochemical industrieas. The specially designed asbestos free gasket material Ecocarbon 300 is an answer to the growing demands of many aggressive chemicals.


         Ecoglass 350 is an excellent gasket material composed of glass fibres and NBR rubber. Material has good steam resistance. Asbestos free gasket material Ecoglass 350 has very good thermal resistance in combination with good gas sealability. Material is also suitable use with water, oils, gases, fuels and many acids.


         Ecograhite SP is gasket material composed of with high mechanical,chemical and thermal properties for high safety requirements.Ecograhite SP is a gasket material which combines the excellent properties of expanded graphite with the strength of stainless steel.

Dimension of standard sheet

Sheet size: 1500x1500 mm*
Tolerances: width + 50 mm , length + 50 mm
Thickness: 0.5 , 0.8 , 1.0 , 1.5 , 2.0 , 3.0 mm*
Tolerances: ‹ 1 mm ± 0.1, ≥ 1 mm + 10% *
Other thicknesses and sheet dimensions on request

Surface treatment

Treatment with graphite or PTFE or antistick coating is available on request
General suitability using common installation practices under the condition of chemical compatibility
Max.performance is ensured through appropeiate measure for joint design and gasket installtion. Consultations is necessary
Limited aplication area.
Technical consultation is mandatory

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